Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finally got my blog to life. Life has been so mundane. SPM questions got me like crazy I think I'm not gonna do well. Well, it was my graduation night a week after the final examination. gonna talk more on that in my next post. 3 days after the dinner I had to go for my national service. so I didn't have much time to spend time with my family and friends and also my poor little kitties hmmm. At first I was so reluctant to go because I was worried I couldn't make any friends. But the best treasure I have ever received was true friendships. and we called ourselves 傻逼. the last two days was filled with tears and grief. everyone was so reluctant to let everyone go because we all missed the times we spent together. How I wished I could bring back all my friends with me. I felt that our time spent together wasn't enough. I don't know when we are gonna meetup again but you guys will be forever in my heart. 
Kem Ulu Pari Kump 1 Siri 12/15 <3

Also, had a great time catching up with my booos.

 Koliannnnn Polly 眼睛还没好。



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